VKonnect Solutions

The Client

VKonnect Solutions is a reputed business process outsourcing (BPO) company based in Melbourne that specialises in providing outsourcing services to Australian businesses in a wide range of industries. They are experts in outsourcing business activities in areas such as IT, accounting, administration, and customer services/support.

The Challenge

VKonnect approached Faye Digital to get a website built for their business. In our first business meeting, they were very keen on a simple, elegant, yet powerful website to spread their brand story and expand their business far and wide. They also chose us as their digital marketing partner to promote their website digitally.

The Solution

We built a simple, clutter-free yet dynamic website with all the functionalities the customer wanted using WordPress. The navigation was user-friendly, the site was minimalistic and robust. We made sure it was responsive fitting perfectly on the mobile devices and the site loaded at the lightning speed. We took great efforts to provide the best user experience to the site visitors. We were careful to lay the foundation right so that everything else will fall in place.

Our SEO team followed proper SEO guidelines to increase the site ranking in the search results of the search engines. Proper tracking codes such as Google Universal Analytics and Google Global Tag Manager were installed into the website to track the user behavior on the site.

When it came to digital marketing, we adhered to our 7-step process

  1. Analysing the competition and customers
  2. Devising the strategy
  3. Defining the target audience
  4. Constructing the content strategy
  5. Picking the right channels and tactics
  6. Measuring the success
  7. Analysing and fine-tuning

Our marketing experts brainstormed and devised the most effective customer-centric digital marketing strategy that consisted of SEO, paid ads (Google AdWords), e-mail marketing, content marketing, conversion rate optimisation, and social media.

The services we offered:

The Result

  • A well-designed, functional and easy-to-use website with fresh quality content, clear calls to action, and optimised for mobile, search, and social web. 
  • The conversions, organic visibility, and ROI increased significantly 
  • Our intelligent social media campaigns yielded desired results in terms of engagement, reach, more leads, and more customers. 
  • Through Google search ads, we could reach more customers who were looking for our service and through Google display ads we increased the brand awareness of VKonnect solutions. Our retargeting ads allowed us to reconnect with the visitors who had left our website without performing any transactions. 
  • We could acquire new prospects and nourish the existing ones to convert through an effective email marketing strategy. 
  • Our site’s visibility and engagement increased tremendously because of a proven content strategy.