Analytics implementation

Analyse to outperform your competitors

Google Analytics integration

Measure advertising ROI and draw insights to optimise for successful outcomes on your site with Google Analytics. We will invest the time and effort during the implementation phase to avoid common pitfalls that can lead to data inaccuracies. 

E-Commerce tracking in Google Analytics

Unlock key information about the user shopping funnel with the help of Enhanced e-commerce tracking by integrating Google Tag Manager, data layer and Google Analytics. Based on these data, you can create segments and retarget these visitors accurately.

Google Analytics audit

Do you already have Google Analytics implemented on your website? A Google Analytics audit involves doing a deep dive into your analytics implementation to identify potential issues that could be affecting the integrity of your data or providing you with misleading insights. 

Google Tag Manager set up

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to get more out of Google Analytics by setting up custom tracking specific to your business. This service includes setting up GTM for both GA3 and GA4, going beyond page view tracking.

Google Data Studio set up

Google Data Studio is an online dashboarding, and visualisation tool with native connectors to Google Analytics that helps you monitor trends in your key performance indicators such as website summary metrics, conversion rates, channel performance, Google Ads ROAS, top landing pages, and conversion funnels with intuitive charts and graphs. 

Training on analytics

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, we offer basic to advanced training to help your team identify the benefits of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, data layer concepts, and Google Data Studio. Learn the techniques (basic and most advanced depending on your skill level) on how to track and analyse performance with Google Analytics; display all your online data in a central location, and share those visualisations with others in a most effective way using Google Data Studio.