Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Improving your site's organic visibility

Research, website auditing & strategic planning

Includes business research, competitor analysis, website auditing, keyword research, current state assessment, and strategic planning by a team of web developers, UI designers, content specialists, and SEO specialists.

Performance tracking integration

We will integrate best-in-class SEO tools and web analytics to monitor various aspects of SEO. KPIs like organic ranking, keyword ranking, SERP visibility, click-through rate, bounce rate, conversion rate, and time spent on the page will be tracked.

On-site SEO

Our SEO experts will optimise certain elements within the website itself to make your website more discoverable thereby driving traffic and sales. Some examples of on-site SEO are internal linking, broken link correction, site map creation, and robots.txt file creation.

Off-site SEO

Our off-page SEO efforts focus on activities such as guest authoring, social media marketing, or influencer outreaching to generate links and ratings to increase the credibility and ranking of your website.

Performance reporting

We provide well-built, amazing monthly reports based on the determined objectives and established KPIs to show our SEO results to you and evaluate our strategies.


Our SEO strategies are devised to convert the prospects at every step of the funnel—top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel—into buying customers and ultimately increase traffic, sales, and reputation of the brand.