Acne Express

The Client

Acne Express is an online dermatology treatment service dedicated to helping people get rid of acne, initiated by the renowned telehealth dermatology service, Dermo Direct, founded by two eminent dermatologists, Dr. Christopher Ross and Dr. Dev Tilakaratne.

The Challenge

Dr. Ross and Dr. Tilakaratne have been successfully running the popular Dermo Direct and were pioneers in the telehealth industry. As a result of treating various skin diseases, they realised that acne is one of the incredibly prevalent skin conditions that impacts the self-confidence and overall well-being of individuals of all ages, transcending gender, ethnicity, and background. As a result, they gave birth to Acne Express, an acne online treatment service dedicated to helping people get rid of acne and achieve clear, healthy skin from the comfort of their home. The founders were expecting a website that can take this message to those who are suffering from acne and desperately looking for a remedy and connect them with the right doctors. We were also entrusted with the digital development and marketing activities to promote the services of Acne Express.

The Solution

During our initial meeting, we gained a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. Throughout the project’s development phase, we maintained regular communication with Dermo Direct to ensure consistent feedback at each stage, ensuring alignment.

Consequently, we implemented a website that is user-friendly, uncluttered, and robust, encompassing all the desired features and functionalities. We used WordPress as the content management system.

We selected an appealing font, a colour palette that reflects their brand, ample white space to enhance readability, captivating visuals to captivate and inform readers, simplified navigation, and prominent call-to-action elements, all while maintaining a minimalist design.  Excellent user-experience was at the core of our development.

The users are redirected to the Dermo Direct’s booking system to make an appointment. To enhance search engine rankings, we adhered to SEO best practices during the website’s development.

We incorporated tracking codes such as Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager to monitor user behaviour on the site. Google My Business was set up to enhance the visibility on Google Search and Maps and Google Search Console was set up to monitor and optimise search performance.

The services we offered:

The Results

  • We created a visually appealing and feature-packed website that not only enhances the user experience but also ranks well in search engines due to our modern SEO optimisation techniques.
  • The website is designed to seamlessly adapt to different devices, ensuring optimal performance on mobile, search, and social platforms.
  • Our strategic approaches led to significant improvements in conversions, organic visibility, and return on investment.
  • Our highly effective email marketing campaigns successfully engaged existing patients, GPs, and attracted new prospects.
  • The implementation of content marketing strategies resulted in a substantial increase in online bookings.