Globalnet Solutions Australia

The Client

Globalnet Solutions Australia has been delivering high-quality and added-value IT solutions to businesses of Australia to improve efficiency and productivity whilst reducing internal resource requirements.   They are amongst a select few specialised Australian-based businesses offering this flexible range of solutions.

The Challenge

Globalnet Solutions Australia who felt the need to improve their business approached us and after an initial meeting with them and analysis of their website, we identified the stumbling blocks that hinder their online business growth. The major issues were that their customers’ purchase journey was not smooth due to some issues on the website. For example, the information architecture needed enhancement, the site lacked powerful calls-to-action, and the site had not been optimised for search engines (SEO). Also, they lacked a clear and effective digital marketing strategy in place.

The Solution

Our foremost priority was to improve the customer journey by eliminating the issues that hinder the customers’ pleasant journey. We changed the menu structure to make it easily navigable and get the information fast.  We introduced a ”get a quote” page to encourage customer inquiries. Powerful, and persuasive call-to-action were introduced at the appropriate places to increase conversions. All the services offered by the company were neatly organised to increase readability as well as SEO benefits. A proper content marketing strategy was devised by our content marketing experts to feed content to users falling into various stages of the buyer journey—awareness, consideration, and decision. They wrote news and blog articles to educate, engage, convert and sustain the prospects based on proper research.

Our entire digital marketing strategy was run through our signature 7- step process:

  • Analysing the competition and customers,
  • Devising the strategy,
  • Defining the target audience,
  • Constructing the content strategy,
  • Picking the right channels and tactics,
  • Measuring the success,
  • Analysing and fine-tuning.

We fixed all the on-site SEO issues of the website after an initial site audit and we also formulated an off-site SEO plan to increase the website’s ranking. Proper tracking codes such as Google Universal Analytics and Google Global Tag Manager were installed into the website to track the user behaviour on the site.

Our digital marketing strategy is ROI-driven, consisting of SEO, paid ads (Google Ads), e-mail marketing, content marketing, and social media.

The services we offered:

The Results

  • The number of visitors to the site increased dramatically
  • The site ranked for more, profitable keywords.
  • The number of inquiries via the ”get a quote” form increased significantly.
  • We saw an increase in the number of memberships to the site.
  • Our email list grew manifold.
  • Through a proven social media campaign we could increase the social media engagement, reach, number of leads, and customers by a significant amount.
  • Through Google search ads, display ads, and retargeting we could acquire new clients.
  • Our site’s visibility and engagement increased tremendously as a result of effective SEO and content marketing strategies.